Think. Breathe. Write (or save). Repeat.

Writing is my escape. It’s one of the few thing that helps me breathe, cope with the everyday drama and helps me clear my head of a lot of things. Stress, for instance. Sadness. Anger. You know, channel all that negative energy out.


I had stopped writing during my high school days and it’s something I regret and wish I hadn’t done. Giving up writing that is. With all the school works and the med school entrance prep and the entrance exams and then med school itself-it was all too hectic.

And I was lazy.
Okay, maybe just a little too lazy.

Even if I didn’t write it down or type it in somewhere, the thought-a line, an idea- it would float in my mind like a white fluffy cumulus against a pale blue sky- it’d just you know, kinda hang in there- waiting to be ‘saved’ for future musings or whatever.

And I WOULD save it eventually- it’s a good thing brains come with expandable memories.

So that would be my excuse. I didn’t actually have to write anything, I was mentally jotting everything down. It was all in my head.
But I also tended to forget a few. Oh, crap. I accidentally burnt ALL the pages.

Oh well. At least I respected the thought.

Then I had a *brilliant* idea. Why not start my very own blog? And so I did.

And suddenly, all those saved thoughts, musings, witty one liners I’d made up…you know, all that random stuff just gushed out and I’d sit for hours typing furiously fast- with tonnes of typos obviously, mentally editing out all sorts of weird crap, extremely brash, rude or naive things yada yada yada.

Then one fine day, I stumbled upon a blog on WordPress. I did have a blog but it wasn’t on WordPress and I decided there and then that I wanted a WordPress blog too. (God, I get swayed by such things so darned easily. But maybe that’s a good thing!)

Selecting the theme was the toughest part-I changed it practically 17 times, no kidding and I still might- fickle as I am.

And now after almost a year of inactivity, here I am. Again.

* insert evil laugh here for no apparent reason*


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