That Awkward Moment #1

That awkward moment when you’re walking on a random street and you notice this cool T-shirt with a big picture of Slash giving his epic pose carrying his epic Les Paul hung on a shop window and that gets your attention ’cause you’re a Guns ‘N Roses fan big time and you’ve wanted something GNR-ish in your wardrobe for quite a while so you walk into the shop to ask about it but they don’t have a size that fits you and just when you turn to walk out the shop, the sales guy says ‘Excuse me ma’am, we’ve got this one that’s your size…’ and he’s holding this pink shirt with a humongous Justin Bieber head and instinctively, you facepalm so hard you almost break your glasses and the sales guy who apparently has no clue as to why you just facepalmed yourself just stares at you until you mutter something barely audible and walk away.


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