Cos Life’s Ironic And You Can’t Help It

I shall not whine today.

I shall not whine about how that lady at the salon fucked up my hair- I look like a tiny kid for heaven’s sake- in fact, I look kidder than when I actually was a kid. I don’t even look ten- maybe a nine and a half or something and I so want to bawl about it but no, I shall not-I’m a grown woman now and…yeah right, even more ‘grown’ with the hair of a ten nine and a half year old. But this will pass. And I shall NOT whine.

I shall not whine about the fact that I’ve got finals in about a month or so and I can’t concentrate. Not when I got Angels & Demons at arm’s length and I’m not really making an effort to not read it either. Plus, it’s sweltering hot. It’s 10 PM for crying out loud why is it so hot in here? Is it even allowed to be so hot at TEN PM? The heat’s literally clogging up my brain- I can’t think straight. UGHHHHHH. But wait, I’m not whining about that either.

Last but not least, I’m most definitely not whining about how often and how easily I’ve hurt everyone around me. I’m basically a hurt-magnet, if that actually makes any sense.

It’s just…well, me.

Okay, I’m losing it.


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