Say Your Name ( Daily Prompt)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Say Your Name.”


That’s me. That’s me, too.

It’s such a lovely name, isn’t it? It’s like momentarily having something sweet in your mouth when you say it. (Say it correctly, that is!)  And to get the opportunity of saying it out loud, boy, that must be quite a pleasure to all the people who know a Jessica or maybe even to Jessicas all around the world who know another Jessica. Which they most probably do considering how common of a name it is. As for me, I know eleven Jessicas, no kidding, and it ain’t no pleasure anymore.

When you know another person with the same name as yours, it’s…well, fun. When you know two people, it’s umm, okay. When you know three, it’s *cough* AWKWARD! When you know half a dozen, you wonder why you exist. And let me not reach eleven people. It’s just too much. Too. Effing. Much.

‘Cause let’s face it, everyone wants to be unique. Everyone wants individuality. And they ain’t having no individuality if a dozen heads turn when someone says their name.

But I’m glad my name is Jessica. I wouldn’t want to trade it for any other name in the world. Even a Hermione Granger. Haha.

And I’m glad my parents didn’t name me after Nepali words that translates to a virtue or anything like Patience. Or Belief. Or Love. Or Waterfalls. Or Butterflies. ‘Cause I probably wouldn’t be able to live up to those words.



That Awkward Moment #2

That awkward moment when you’re in a bus and it’s a long, tiring ride and suddenly there’s a goat inside the bus out of nowhere- and it’s coming towards you- and it doesn’t stop until it’s five inches from your arm and you’re scared shitless but you can’t scream (too many people around) and you can’t move (goat’s too close) and the only two things you can think of are:

Do goats bite?

Does a goat bite hurt?

*Awkward-zoophobic-on-the-bus Alert*