I have never been good at introductions. Well, at least you don’t have to hear me stammer and momentarily forget who I am here so here it goes.

My name is Jessica. A pretty common name so I’m hoping you won’t misspell it. Or pronounce it wrong. But I’m guessing you won’t ’cause I bet you know at least one Jessica. Whoever she is. Like I said, an extremely common name.

I’m a medical student undergrad. First year. It was a dream come true when I was accepted to med school and I’m in heaven you could say ’cause I love what I’m studying, what I am doing and what I will be doing.

I like being humorous.

Though quite often, a lot of people mistaken my ‘dry’ sense of humor with rudeness. Oh well. Can’t please everybody anyway.

I’m not verbose.

Not that I like being verbose. Or verbose people for that matter. Let’s just say that I prefer to listen. And read (fiction, mostly). And write. I like writing like a lot. Helps me clear my head of a lot of things. And it makes me happy.

Music is another thing that makes me happy. But then again, it makes everyone happy doesn’t it? I like metal, rock music and everything in between. I could list my favorite bands but that would take all day so I’ll be skipping that part I guess. Maybe do another post entirely about it. I also like doing portraits of people. And doodle. Or some random anime-inspired stuff when I’m bored.

This blog is basically *supposed* to be about the things in my life that make me happy or sad and that I find you know, inspiring and stuffs. And maybe a few personal experiences and my take on the little things in life. And about med school too. Won’t always be happy sunshine and sugar and sweet though, I assure you. So just an ordinary blog about the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary things in life, I guess. So stick around maybe?

Happy reading!


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